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        Hitachi Group

        Hitachi sets forth the attitudes and the guidelines that Hitachi endeavors to follow when they utilize social media as explained below.

        Purpose of Engagement

        We will conduct promotions and public relations activities using social media in order to build better relationships with customers and those who participate in social media outlets.

        Basic Policy

        We will thoroughly abide by the Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct when engaging in social media to ensure that all our business activities are conducted on the basis of corporate ethics and compliance, in accordance with "Basics and Ethics."

        Attitudes on Engagement

        We are fully aware of our responsibilities for our employees' activities on social media websites and their potential influence. We engage in social media keeping the following in mind.

        • As well as complying with domestic and international competition laws we will also act in an appropriate manner as a member of society by following laws and sound corporate ethics, based on fair, transparent, and free competition.
        • Regarding information required by the public, we value dialogue with various stakeholders, listen and respond to diverse opinions sincerely and proactively, and promote interactive communication.
        • We will collect information by justifiable, fair, and appropriate means and strive to ensure that we will preserve confidentiality including customers' proprietary information and privacy.
        • We will strive to publish information that will not lead to misunderstanding, with the understanding that once information is published online, it can spread among an unknown number of users and may not be able to be permanently deleted.

        To Customers and Those Who Participate in Social Media

        Please note that information published by our employees in social media, whether on the official accounts or not, does not always reflect our official announcement or view.
        For our official announcements and views, please refer to the official web site and news releases.

        Operation of Official Accounts

        The way we communicate (ability to respond, response time, and means of communication, etc.) differs depending on accounts. For our operation of each account, please refer to the list of official accounts on social media sites.

        Inquiry on Our Social Media Policy and Use of Social Media

        Please contact us by the online inquiry form :